Back to Blenheim

Finally we had to come back. From down the Sounds. We sort of overshot the DoC camp at Kenepuru Head on Tuesday and ended up at a free camping bay site called Totoradale. Windy and sunny and cloudy and lovely. Wednesday we drove up to Kenepuru Saddle which is on the Queen Charlotte Track. We walked down to Punga Cove for a coffee and carrot cake. Very civilised the QCT is. We were heading back to Cowshed Bay and stopped off to check out the Kenepuru Head DoC camp. It looked lovely with a view right back up Kenepuru Sound so we stayed there Wednesday night. And finally dragged ourselves away and out of the Sounds yesterday. But not before walking down to two more bays on Queen Charlotte Sound and driving down to one more on Kenepuru Sound – Te Mahia. After more than a week you might have thought we’d be beached out. Not so. Te Mahia Bay was gorgeous. We had to drag ourselves away. 47,000 corners later we were back at Havelock and not long after Blenheim. When we get the photos back from the chemists I’ll show you what kept us so long.

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2 Responses to Back to Blenheim

  1. Margaret & Ray Bretherton says:

    Hi Ross and Wyn, Margaret Bretherton here – we came to visit you in Mosgiel with Clare Currie a while (!) back to see and get info about motorhomes. Well we have made the big leap and hope to set off in April on our adventure into the big wide world out there.
    Every now and again we find a blog from you and this time through the NZMCA facebook page (a bit random eh)
    Would be great to keep in touch with you, our email is rayandmargaret

    • Ross says:

      Great to hear from you Margaret. And good on for setting a date for setting off. To rephrase my old Dad, if you aint leaping forward you’re probably slipping back 🙂 And good to have your email address – we’ll get in touch less publicly 🙂 And that’s interesting about the NZMCA Facebook page – might explain some of the traffic lately. Thanks.

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