Photo of the Day #14 (SE Asia Day 4 – Penang Hill)

Temple detail Penang HillContinuing my trip down memory alley, Day 4 of our South East Asia travels last year began on Penang Island and ended hurtling north in Thailand – on a big bus with a loud video playing. We’d been in Georgetown (biggest city on Penang) long enough to have a favourite place for breakfast. After that ritual we headed out on the bus to the base of Penang Hill.  Here we boarded the funicular railway for the ride up – almost 700m. This is higher than Dunedin’s Flagstaff Hill. Co-incidentally Flagstaff Hill was the original name of Penang Hill. Seeing the funicular railway set me to wondering whether something similar could re-create the incline railway at Denniston on NZ’s West Coast. I don’t think the angles are much steeper.

The ride up was fun. It was another hot day so wandering around was a bit of an effort. The views must have been extensive, except the smog/haze was so bad that it was hard to see as far as the sea. However there was enough to see on the hill itself. A Hindu temple included some fascinating scenes/creations. We weren’t sure what they meant but they sure were interesting.

Temple detail Penang Hill Malaysia

Temple detail Penang Hill Malaysia

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