Still Still Alive and Well

Crikey, another month up the spout. Farewell February. We’re still going OK. A bit much working mind you… We’re supposed to be semi-retired but the semi part is getting smaller. I guess this is what happens when we use our time off from one job to work somewhere else. From Murchison we headed on to Westport and work at motels there. We enjoy Westport – it’s not like anywhere else much.

We were busy as very busy things – Buller Marathon time is full on and then there were lots of lovely tourists. For some reason the tourists who make it through Westport are all lovely people – more or less. It is fun to see our own country through foreign eyes. Give you a new appreciation for what we have here.

After our 12 days we headed for the hills – up the hill to Denniston to be precise. I think Denniston is NZ’s most fascinating post-European historical site/story. We spent a night up there on our own, among the echoes. From 600m up we could hear the sea. Next day we walked among the relics and remains. I’m not often kind to the Department of Conservation but they have done a great job at Denniston. Great interpretation boards and explanations.

We headed back through Westport and back up the Buller Gorge to Murchison for another night. The next morning was lovely and fine and we headed on to St Anaud and Lake Rotoiti. We camped there for a couple of nights not far from the lake. The sandflies are legendary and generally lived up to their reputation. We enjoyed several walks in the woods, enjoying the birdsong. Lake Rotoiti has a very keen volunteer group trapping nasty bird-eating animals so the birds are flourishing.

We even enjoyed several swims in the lake. I had to admit it was almost not cold. And I could actually swim as opposed to splash and dash. It was a good chance to relax for a couple of days. Then it was back to Blenheim and time to start our last stint at the motels here. And start contemplating what we’ll do next. There’s some fluidity and flexibility about next. If we had more time we might worry and wonder.

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