The Big Auckland – Episode 6 – Farewells

PhotographerAfter our big day out to the Auckland Art Gallery, we were all relatively exhausted. Our visitors from way down south had to head back home, so we’d probably done enough. Next morning there was packing up to be done. It’s kind of easier in 18.5 sq m of motorhome – there’s only so many places things can be. Andrew and Laura had done a great job fitting in with us. Living together in 18.5 sq m of motorhome can be kind of difficult – there’s only so many places everyone can be.

We headed off over to Onehunga for a lovely breakfast. And then had one last visit to DressSmart down the road. Laura finally managed to persuade Andrew to try/buy some new clothes. Then it was time for late lunch and the short trip to the airport – Jetstar waits for nobody. Before long they were checking in and off out of sight. We walked up to the supermarket to retrieve the car – free parking in the land of no free parking. We visited the supermarket for a few supplies and came out in time to see their Jetstar plane roar into the sky and climb south.

It had been a busy and interesting week. We’d managed to show them some of the sights of Auckland, and discover a few for ourselves. Over the last couple of years we’ve grown more comfortable with the big city. Showing it to someone else is a good way to get to know a place better.

There were a lot of photos photographed. Andrew’s camera is never far from his reach. And I’ve got a choice of two now. We come from a camera-snappy sort of heritage. I seemed to have a few pictures of Andrew taking a picture of me, so got him to send me one. It seemed appropriate to end the record of a happy week with a picture of me taking a picture of Andrew taking a picture of me ….


My picture of Andrew taking a picture of me plus Laura and Wyn waiting patiently


Andrew’s picture of me taking a picture of him. (I didn’t think a hinged and tilting screen would be much use until I got one. Now I wonder why they build cameras without them!)

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