Work – The Continual Curse of the Retiring Types

Yep, it’s been a while. Again…. We’ve been working, and rather a lot. It’s an excuse I know. But heck, we’ve just finished 5 weeks of working dawn to dusk, with a total of only 2 nights off (and sort-of 4 days). So not a lot of time for blogging. And definitely no time for any adventures to blog about. No time for any travel. No time for anything other than some frantic resting in the hope of some refreshing of our parts that sorely needed refreshing.

Anyway, we’ve finished with all that for now. We’ve got 12 days off before the next assignment which is more motel minding. I should write a bit about motel minding (aka Relief Motel Management) – maybe next gig. Meanwhile we are busy resting and trying to catch up on a month’s worth of whatever we do when we’re not working. And we’re planning on some more exploring of the Marlborough Sounds when the sun comes out. More later …

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