Murchison in the Middle

Skyline Walkway MurchisonUp the Buller River from Westport, past Hawks Crag, past Inungahua Junction (and its Earthquake Museum), the Buller River runs past the small town of Murchison. It is small as towns go, but the biggest town for a long way round. It’s sort of in the middle of things. On the way from Westport. On the way to Nelson (north) or Blenheim (north east). People stop there for ice-creams and river things like rafting and kayaking.

The Motorhome Association (NZMCA) has a great parking place there, almost in the middle of town. Not far from the grocery store, the hotel/cafe, and a real butchers shop. What’s not to like? We stopped off there for a couple of days of sun and rain and even snow on the hills. Wyn did a great job finding out where the walks are. There is a lovely track up to a ridge looking over the town and the valley. Getting there from town is not the best – there is not any sort of pedestrian space over the bridge on the main road. You walk single file and try to look big and obvious. Finally, and safely, we reached the start of the Skyline Walkway.

Skyline Walkway, Murchison

Skyline Walkway, Murchison

Skyline Walkway, Murchison

Murchison from Skyline Walkway, Buller River on the left.

Skyline Walkway, Murchison

Murchison from Skyline Walkway looking up the Buller River.

Murchison NZMCA park

Suzi motorhome at Murchison NZMCA park

That day was one of those sun/rain/sun sort of days. The next day was more like sun and cloud, and we repeated the walk for the exercise and the wonderful views.

Skyline Walkway, Murchison

Wyn on Skyline Walkway, Murchison

Skyline Walkway, Murchison

View north from Skyline Walkway, Murchison up the Matiri Valley towards Kahurangi National Park.

Skyline Walkway, Murchison

View downriver from the Skyline Walkway, Murchison towards Kahurangi National Park

Skyline Walkway, Murchison

Murchison and upriver from Skyline Walkway, Murchison. Mt Murchison in the distance.

Skyline Walkway, Murchison

Centre of town and motorhome park from Skyline Walkway, Murchison

Just along at the end of the road from the motorhome park is the Buller River and a lovely little church.

Murchison church

Little church at Murchison

Gallery of photos – Autumn Adventures –  2014

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