Catching Up and Down-Sizing in Dunedin

Sunrise at A & P Showgrounds MosgielWe have just had a couple of busy weeks in Dunedin, catching up with family and friends. This is always lovely but also reminds us of what we miss out on being away. There never seems to be enough time. We also took the opportunity to stash stuff we’d decided to remove from Suzi motorhome.

It’s not like we get much chance for hoarding – living in 18.5 sq. metres. But stuff does seem to accumulate.  The test is to ask how long since we used/needed something. If the answer is a year or more then it’s on the slippery slope sliding towards the door.

We stayed at the new NZMCA parking place in Woodhaugh as well as the holiday park just up the road from there. It was great being close to town and close to the walks up through Ross Creek. Plus we enjoyed a couple of nights at the parking place at the A & P Showgrounds at Mosgiel.

Sunrise at A & P Showgrounds Mosgiel

Sunrise at A & P Showgrounds Mosgiel – Flagstaff in middle distance

NZMCA park at Woodhaugh

NZMCA park at Woodhaugh

Sunset at A & P Showgrounds Mosgiel

Sunset and moonrise at A & P Showgrounds Mosgiel

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