Backing The Truck Up #5 – The Little Stream That Could

Stream Buried VilliageBack in the early part of the kiwifruit packing season things were a bit stop-start. Sometimes we didn’t get three days in a row but we were not too distraught because this gave us two days off in a row sometimes. On one occasion in May we realised that this co-incided with a weekend and gave us a chance to visit friends in Rotorua. They were going to be home so we zoomed on over on the Sunday morning. They took us for a visit to the Buried Village in the afternoon which was very interesting. This is the village that was buried by the Tarawera eruption back in the 1880s. There are bits that have been unearthed. It is a nice setting and there is a nice walk down the stream. It was the stream which interested me photographically. And rewarded me.

Stream at Buried Village Rotorua

First the stream was slow and lazy…

Stream at Buried Village Rotorua

…Then it rushed through the forest ….

Waterfall in Stream at Buried Village Rotorua

…Before It Roared Over The Waterfall …

Waterfall in Stream at Buried Village Rotorua

… And Finally It Calmed Down and Cascaded ….

[Photos taken with Canon 5D Classic and processed via Lightroom.]


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