Off Out Back For a Bit – To Cape Brett

We’re off for a walk tomorrow; bit of a big one for us. We’re walking the last part of the way to the Cape Brett lighthouse. And staying the night there at the hut which used to be the lighthouse keepers house. That’s sort of the easy part. On Tuesday we’re walking right back to Rawhiti which is where we’re parked up at the moment. That’s a full day tramping which will be interesting. Rawhiti is east of Russell in the Bay of Islands. And Cape Brett is north of Rawhiti and it sort of defines the east side of the Bay of Islands.

We’ve been working up to this and it’ll be our first overnight trip for quite some time. So there’s been a lot of finding and sorting things out. I decided that the 5D is just too big a lump to carry that far. So today I dug out the old G12 and charged it up and fired it up. I was surprised it still works, albeit with the dust on the sensor. Anyway it’s a lot more portable which will be good.

Selfie on the old camera

I figured out the old G12 still worked, and can be used for selfies. Wyn was not sure …


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