Bus For Sale

Our bus is going for a CoF next week, so it can be registered. We have a 11m 1993 Nissan UA440 which we bought last year from a conversion company to convert to the motorhome of our dreams. It is an import from Japan, and was complied in December last year, to make sure it didn’t get caught be the new emission rules from 1 January 2008. We thought the registration had been put on hold, but it turns out it was put on an Annex C. This allows it to be driven for the purpose of conversion, like to the engineering shop or paint shop etc. In April we finally got an accurate costing for the build, and realised it had spiraled beyond our means. So we pulled the plug on our big-bus dream, and now have to find a new home for our bus. So if you know anyone who wants a good 1993 Nissan UA440 11.3m for converting, send them my way. It has only 128,000 km on the 12.5 litre 6 cylinder engine. It has air suspension, and ABS brakes.

It’s the end of an era for motorhomes in NZ, and this would be a good way to be part of it. The cost of anything to convert from now on is likely to be a huge step up from the imports.

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