More research today on generators. I wanted to see what a quiet one with electric start might cost. Originally I fancied an Onan 3.6KW petrol inbuilt one. In the USA I saw a price of under US$2,800 which equates to under NZ$3,600. However the price in NZ was about double that at about NZ$7,300. Sounds like they’re the ones to get if you win Lotto, but meanwhile back in reality land …. Once more I have little idea of what I need, but like the sound (or lack of it) of the Hondas. The EU20i looks like a cute little unit, but I don’t like the idea of getting cold to have to start it. So the EU30i is beckoning to me and trying to seduce me with electric starting. I suppose this can be done from inside. I saw somewhere there was a remote control option possible. So far I haven’t figured out why you’d want to be able to start it up from 100m away, but I’m sure there is a reason. It’s almost double the price, for 50% higher output, with a bit less noise. It is about as economical as the smaller one with a bigger tank, so longer time between filling.

Tomorrow is night class on website development. We might even learn how to do links and photos. That’ll be fun, and would mean I could jazz up the site a bit.

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2 Responses to Generators

  1. Brian Davies says:

    One possible reason for a remote controlled start for the generator would be that if you have been out for a walk and its dark or close to dark upon your arrival back at base, when within 100 meters of the campervan you could just whip the remote out of your pocket, activate the generator and the outside lights would come on.

  2. Brian Davies says:

    Another reason to be able to start the generator using a remote control would be that when you wake up in the morning you could start the generator from the comfort of your bed and provided you had the electric jug filled with water and the switch activated prior to sut down and going to bed the previous evening, the jug would boil and be ready for you to just hop out of bed and make a cup of coffee, with out having to first get up, press the hard wired generator start switch and wait for the jug to boil.

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