Washing Machines

Started learning about washing machines today. There is always so much to learn. Like how much water they use, and how much electricity. And how much of a load they take. Because on the face of it, if they use 60 litres of water, that’s going to have a big impact on them tanks. There is a 2.5kg Lemair (made in the USSR? – does that still exist?) that uses only 30 litres. But then, a 6.5kg model uses 60 litres of water. So per kg, that is more efficient with a full load. And I saw somewhere that the 2.5kg model is only big enough for one queen size sheet at a time. The Indesit front loader washer/dryer seems popular in some motorhomes, but somehow the drier seems to use more water. One advert for it said “no spin option” which seemed weird – a washing machine with no spin? I inquired and it turned out to mean there was an option to have no spin cycle. The 2.5kg model is top loading, which limits where it can be put. But it is cheap – very cheap. I’ll have to find a forum to see what people feel about washing machines and water consumption.

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