Motorhome Forum Still Broken

With still no luck logging on to the forum, I asked for help from the NZMCA office. I got a prompt answer, but it was not at all what I expected. The answer was that our access to the forum had been removed. It seemed that some discussion had taken place about hosting a bulletin board on the NZMCA site, but that was rejected. I was referred to an article in the latest NZMCA Motor Caravanner magazine, but try as I might, I could not find anything in the June/July issue explaining what is going on. The NZMCA office said something about a new forum being started up, but I couldn’t figure what this meant either. I keep thinking I must have missed something, that there must have been warning of this change that I missed. But I’ve been looking for information on a motorhome forum, so think I’d probably have spotted anything in the magazine which I read from cover to cover 🙂 I cannot believe that access for members of the forum would be withdrawn without consultation. This is, after all, a community of motorhomers, and cutting members off would be a big call. I keep thinking a mistake has been made; that perhaps the usefulness of the forum was not understood. I’ve asked for more information including details of who made the decision, and why, and with what consultation. I have asked that my concerns be passed on to the Executive members. So far I’ve not heard back, which is either a good sign or a bad sign, and I’m an optimist. I’ll keep you informed here on progress.

Meantime, I’d welcome information of use and appreciation of the CMCA/NZMCA on-line forum. Did any NZ members use it? And what of alternatives? Are there already forums to replace this one in terms of numbers of users and wealth of information and advice?

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