On-line Motorhome Forum Broken

Back in the March 2008 I managed to log on to the New Zealand MotorCaravan Association (NZMCA) on-line forum. This is a combined forum with the Australian association, the Campervan and Motorhome Association of Australia (CMCA). I had some trouble logging on, it kept giving me an error message. I eventually discovered that despite the error message, I was actually logged on. A helpful woman at the CMCA was giving me some advice on the problem, and I still owe her some screen shots. Our link from New Zealand is via a members-only part of our NZMCA website. It is all a bit complicated and I did wonder how many kiwis had managed to get through.

I had a great time looking at all the information available on the forum, and getting a feel for the thing. Having used a forum for something completely different, at least I had an idea of the concepts. But it is still a matter of getting some idea of the culture of the forum. (Forums are modern versions of what used to be called bulletin boards and message boards.) It didn’t take long to see that the regulars are very helpful and are willing to pass on whatever information and advise that they can. It took a couple of days to wade through the discussion on the CMCA special general meeting in Broken Hill. Wow! I thought our guys in the NZMCA were argumentative 🙂 But we are small time compared with the CMCA. The beauty of the forum is that it enables others to see a wide range of viewpoints and to get some understanding of issues. The forum was also up in arms over the way the CMCA was managing their Geowiki. I think I was starting to see what a Geowiki was/is, and it looks very very interesting. I didn’t get back to it all for almost a couple of months – too busy. But now I need to, to find some stuff out.

I want to get some info on toilet systems (cassette vs holding tank), generators (what is a minimum to power air conditioning), what is best for washing machines, and lots more questions. There is lots of good advice on the internet, but not much specific to NZ and Australia. The obvious place for me to go was the forum, to see what already existed, and to ask about what I couldn’t find. Trouble was, the link didn’t get me to the login screen. I got a couple of different sorts of errors, so figured I’d try again tomorrow – maybe it was just being fixed or something.

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