Gloomy Sunday

It’s Day 2 of the Motor Home Page blog thing. I’m still in the learning and configuring stage.  Well more set-up really. Me and configure are not often in the same sentence 🙂

It’s a gloomy sort of day in Dunedin, but it’s stopped raining which is good. Out the window ahead of me I can see lots of snow still on Mt Cargill and Flagstaff. The open parts of the Moon Track on Swampy looks plastered. Yet the tussock on the top of Flagstaff looks clearer. It looks like Dunedin missed the best (worst?) of it, again!

One thing I’d like to know, and I think we need a high-level inquiry into this; does it snow more on Friday and Saturday nights in Dunedin? Or is it just my incomplete memory? Not living in a high suburb, I dream of hearing on the radio on a Monday morning that there is snow 15cm deep all over town, and the word is to stay home and not try to travel anywhere.  But what are the chances? Have we heard that more on a weekend morning in recent times?

Today’s tasks include populating the gallery a bit, transferring some of my old blog stuff from the last couple of months, vacuuming and maybe making an upside-down pudding for lunch.  Is it wrong to make pudding for lunch?

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2 Responses to Gloomy Sunday

  1. Michael says:

    Looks like it’s going well 😀

    Had a bit of a drive to see the show myself today, round trip through Macraes via Middlemarch and Palmerston. There was a fair bit on the sides of the road still, banked up by a grader but only coming across the road where the wind was blowing it.

    So now my car is dirty… at least it looks like it’s been somewhere now.

  2. Ross says:

    Sounds like a good trip. Do you remember that time we went to Middlemarch for orienteering in the blizzard? I remember the orange road markers were useful for marking where the road was underneath!

    Yep, I had a good time transfering the old posts. The tags went a bit big on me, the ones used more than once. Is it possible to turn down the size increase?

    And I tried to turn on the counter for categories, as well as show the heirarchy. I’m not sure about heirarchy, someone suggested not a good idea. And I might need to revisit the number of them. But most of all I want to be able to show how many are in each category. Do you get an email letting you know these’s another comment on something you commented on?

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