iPhone on sale in 2 Hours

Wyn got an email advertising the new iPhone, and ended up watching a video explaining the features. Wow! Never mind the outrageous cost in NZ and that it isn’t available in pre-pay. Is it a cool thing or what? It is just so thin and sexy. It is difficult to conceive of the range of applications. Without even starting to figure if we could use them, it’s not hard to want one. At my rate of adopting new technology, having acquired my first iPod about a month ago, I should be ready for one about March 2010. They will be cheaper then, and on pre-pay, and we’ll have a 3G network good enough for motorhoming. If we could do a Back to the Future thing and take an iPhone back to 1988, what would they make of one? Would someone in 1988 believe that devices like that will be on sale in 2008 in twenty years time?

And we get them first in NZ don’t we? I’m not sure what this proves, but somewhere there are people queuing up to be the first in the world. Good on them.

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