Recycling the Old Transperancies

I made a start yesterday on scanning some of my favourite old slides (transperancies). My Epson RX510 multifunction came with a slide and film negative scanner. I haven’t used it much, and it was a bit of a mission to get the drivers for it – the disc got lost somewhere.

The wonderful thing is you just put the slides in the holder, tell it they are transperancies, hit Scan, and it whirs away, finally spitting four .jpg files into the folder of my choice. It is a miracle if you ask me.

The main trouble is that my old slides are growing furr and spots at an alarming rate. And gathering dust. They are all 25-35 years old, so I suppose that might have something to do with it. And they have been stored in all sorts of places which might not have helped.

My aim is to scan as many as I can, and at least get them digital. Then I can set to with PhotoShop and see how much I can fix them up. That’s the exciting thing about getting them digital. It’ll stop the rot and also get them a bit more compact and transportable. Hopefully it’ll keep me busy on Winter nights in future. Hopefully a good motorhome pastime?

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