Another day at the hot pools ..

So here we are, settling down for our third night at Miranda. It has been a gorgeous day today, temperature in the high 20s.  I was up early, looking for something in one of the lockers. I didn’t find it but I did end up tidying up the locker and half of the kitchen drawers. At least I’ve now unpacked everything.

After yesterday’s washing machine tryout we were out of water.So it was a case of borrowing a hose and loading up some more.  After a late breakfast, we started taking our privacy room down. Getting this stowed away was a mission, as it came originally blocking the rear boot.  We are so pleased we had a go at assembling this when we had plenty of time.

We were exhausted after all this effort, so headed back over to the hot pools. Then we got ready to move Suzi (Suzi motorhome) to dump our grey water – the washing machine practice had used a lot of water. So it was across the camp to dump gray and black waste, then back to the same camp site. Just to show we were not too set in our ways, we parked the other way round this time.

After tea we tried out all our options for beds in the lounge.  Three extra foam squabs can be used in different combinations. This allows us to have either two singles and a double bed in the lounge. A burst of enthusiasm saw us loading up a batch of muffins before zooming over for another dip in the hot pool.

So a day of lots more checking and trying out stuff. It’s great to feel summer.

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