Putting up the Tent

The trying out started in earnest this afternoon. We started to put the awning out – never had one of those before. Somehow this turned into a look at the privacy/safari room which makes the awning into an outdoor room. Then we ended up seeing how it went together and seeing if we could put it up. We started at noon, in the mid-day sun 🙂 The instructions were not great – photos that didn’t really convey much of the process, and no words.

The bits that went form the awning housing to the outer endge of the awning – that the sides were to hang from – just didn’t seem to be right. So by 2pm I was thinking maybe I had the on upside down. By 3pm I was thinking maybe the arms had been assembled wrong – it just didn’t make sense. I’m not sure who assembled them, but it turned out they had less idea than me. Once I rearranged the plugs in the ends of the arms, it started to go better.  It was getting a bit windy by this stage, but we plugged on, and by 5.30pm we had the three walls in place and it all pegged down.  We learnt a lot along the way, and are fairly sure we could cut the time from 5 1/2 hours to more like half an hour next time.

We also had a go with the washing machine – it works and it was fun having it going in our motorhome. We decided it was a good idea to have one, it is going to get a lot of use. We also got the generator out, and cranked it up. It wasn’t quite start-first-time, but start it did.

So in the end, it was a busy day doing not much. It was a lovely sunny and warm day here, although the wind got up in the end. We finished off with a soak in the hot pool. It wasn’t as warm as yesterday, but was still very pleasant.

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