On the Road

This is a quick note to say that we are alive and well and happy and relaxing and everything…

It is 11:30am Saturday morning, and we are at Miranda Holiday Park and hot pools. We came over here from Pukekohe last evening, in time for tea and a soak. And will stay here today.

We are plugged into the mains, to give us more chance to try everything out.

We are very happy with our new motorhome – Suzi – and are having lots of fun trying things out in a leisurely fashion.

Thursday and yesterday were spent at the factory, sorting things out.  We slept in the factory yard on Thursday night. We have had two best-nights-ever on our new mattress, but I maintain I’d have slept on concrete anyway after not getting any sleep at all on Wednesday night.

Anyway, we’ll update this a bit better a bit later.

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