On the Move again

Yesterday (Monday 9th) we woke up to a warm morning. It had certainly been very hot during the night and I hadn’t slept very well so I snoozed on for awhile even though we were leaving Earnscleugh and moving to Lake Dunstan. The longer we seem to be at a place (this had certainly been one of our longer stints)the more there seems to be to pack up. Thankfully ,Ross had done a lot of this the evening before. After Ross had washed the car (couldn’t have her dirty while being towed by the clean shiny Suzi) we headed off to Clyde separately to leave the car there while we went to Alexandra to hunt down our mail that was being sent on and do the dumping thing with our waste.Finally after doing a few messages as well, we headed for Clyde doing a slight detour to get some fruit from a good stall someone had told us about. When we are travelling, we often nibble on biscuits so decided this will be healthier option.  We have been spoilt with having lots of cheaper fruit available and have had a few fresh fruit salads.  After lunch, we hitched up the car and yay! we were off to Cromwell. We found a stunning spot by the lake fairly sheltered from the southerly which sprung up not long after we arrived.  I had a quick paddle in the lake and to my surprise was quite warm. Maybe I’ll get brave and have a swim before we leave.

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