Exploring Old Cromwell Town

We woke up to a cold morning, the southerly was certainly making its presence felt. What a view we woke up too. Looking out the back window, one can almost imagine that we are floating on the water.  We decided we would still go ahead with our planned bike ride. After all I have ridden in this kind of weather in Dunedin often I reminded myself. Actually I was glad it was cooler as the temperatures have been sweltering. We had a fun ride into Cromwell as we rode all the way on tracks which I was sure would run out and we would have to ride on the very busy road but we were actually able to ride under the bridge and all the way to Old Cromwell town.Neither of us had been before, always driving through and not stopping. We explored a few ruins and took photos and then made our way through the shops.  I was nearly tempted by the metal etched fish hanging up in a gallery but left it in the end. As you can imagine we can only have light things to hang on the walls of Suzi to make her feel like our home. When we were last in Dunedin, we got one of our photos mounted onto canvas. This came up really well. It is of Mutton Cove, Abel Tasman which we visited 2 years ago. I’ve even been travelling around with fresh flowers.  Some friends gave us some when they came to see us at Wingatui and they give the living area of Suzi such lovely colour and again a homely feel. I did buy a secondhand book written by Cassandra King called The Same Sweet Girls. I read one of hers some years ago called The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and loved it.

Okay, back to the bike ride.  We found a bakery and bought some lunch at about 3.30pm when we realised we were both starving.  We had a quick trip home on the busy road, by now it was quite hot but we still had a slight tail wind and we had done nearly 21kms. We had a beer on the beach and reflected on what a great day we had had.

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