Wanaka and Walk up Mt Iron (Wednesday 11th)

We had a rather slow start to the day as it was a cloudy, cold morning with a southerly still blowing. We decided we would then make the most of the rest of the day and loaded our bikes onto the car with the intention of having a walk first up Mt Iron and then biking a bit of the Outlet Track from Albert Town towards Wanaka. Ambitious plan in hindsight considering how we get sidetracked these days with leisurely sightseeing. Having learnt from the day before, when we were starving and cycling around Cromwell at 3.30pm looking for somewhere to buy lunch, we made ourselves some yummy egg and parsley sandwiches to take. We drove to Wanaka and started up Mt Iron at about 1.15pm. It had warmed up considerably, the sun was out and the wind had dropped. The last time Ross had walked it was 16 years ago.  We reached the top in about 45mins to take in the awesome 360 deg views. We talked to some young Brits who were keen to climb Mt Roy (1500 metres) the next day and showed them our pamphlet on the climb and let them use our binoculars.

We came down via the loop track and found ourselves peering down into Albert Town backyards which had some interesting and modest houses. By this time, it was 3pm and we looked for somewhere to have lunch. We ended up exploring by the Hawea River in Albert Town where people camp in amongst the trees in large numbers at Christmas and New Year. While we were eating, a couple of white water kayakers were practicing their moves. Then we drove the 45kms back to Suzi. After tea we visited Ross’s sister and brother in law down the road, had a catchup over coffee and collected our mail.  Ross was pleased to receive a copy of the ODT. Lovely end to another great day.

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