Hanging Around in Omokoroa

Sunday 26 April
It rained a lot through the night, and through the day. After lunch we ventured out for a walk around the point. There is some interesting history, there is a reserve there gifted to the Council. Further round the houses have planted and landscaped as much of the waterfront reserve as they can. In some places you feel like you are walking across their front lawns and some walkers will be put off by a feeling of intruding on their property. Luckily we had taken our umbrella because we needed it coming back. And that was about it for the day. I managed to walk across the carpark to the shop for more milk and the weather managed to rain much of the time.
Monday 27th April
The rain eased by morning, and we could begin to see the better side of Omokoroa. It will be a nice place to hang out in better weather. We bought some bacon and smoked fish from the shop, it is good to be able to get local food. Before we left, we met a couple of motorhomers from St Leonards in Dunedin. Eventually we got ourselves back to the packhouse. It rained some more through the afternoon. There was no work for us in the packhouse, but we did our cleaning stint in the evening.

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