Work and No Work

Tuesday 28th
This was a sleep-in morning, to after 10am. It was still raining occasionally. Wyn got a couple of loads of towels through the wash, and even got them drier on the line. We rigged up a bit of a line under the awning so that they could continue to dry in the rain. I made runny fish pie/sauce for lunch – the smoked fish was smelling out the fridge. Then it was off to work for our evening shift, with cleaning afterwards.
Wednesday 29th
We woke late again, to find that the rain had stopped – sort of. Wyn went for a walk up the road that is the next one in towards Katikati from here. I caught up on some of my paperwork, then went and picked her up in the car and we went into Katikati to visit banks and shops. We had a lovely lunch in Katz Cafe. In the afternoon, the sun was out, and it was warmer – yahoo. Not that it has been very cold – it’s just that we had had such a great run of fine weather. And now 15 degrees seems cooler. And not wearing shorts seems different. And my feet are not cracking anymore because I am wearing socks again. There was no work in the packhouse today, so we had the whole day off. The stars were out tonight.
Thursday 30th April
This was another no-work day. If the fruit cannot be picked, it cannot be packed. I tackled my paperwork and filing. I even sorted myself out with the tax department – it is all a bit different for me as I’ve had to do IR3 returns until now. Now it is something called Personal Tax Statements or something, sort of Don’t-Call-Us-We’ll-Call-You.

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