Paper Work Not Packhouse Work

Friday 1st May
This was another day with no work. I was on a roll with my paperwork. It piles up just as much on the road as anywhere else, even though we do as much as we can via the internet. And there’s still loose ends to tidy up. Wyn had books to send back to owners and letters to write. She biked into town and back to do the posting, and biked a short way along a bird walk by the river.
This was a day we don’t work, even when there is work. It was wet all day. We woke to the sound of gunfire. We assumed it was orchard bird scaring/shooting – we were used to that after Central Otago. We were half right, later in the day we worked out that it was the first day of the duck shooting season. At least duck shooters like it wet. In the afternoon we went into town to do some more posting, and went for a walk along the bird walk that Wyn had discovered the previous day. This was through a wetland, where there were lots of ducks trying to hide from the duck shooters. Further on the walkway was around the coastal reserve, with much of it landscaped by adjoining landowners with no boundaries indicating which parts are which. Still, it is a good chance to be nosey about houses and landscaping. They chose to have no privacy, so what else can we do?

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