Mucking Around in Marton

Tuesday was a day for mucking around in Marton – to do nothing much at all. We succeeded with that mission quite well. We read in bed for much of the morning and then managed to walk the couple of blocks to the shops. I spotted a plumbers place with a bit of a shop and went in and asked if they had any O-ring grease for sale – as you do. The plumber was a bit surprised and had to work out a price; he said nobody had ever wanted to buy any before. I was happy to be the first; now I have no excuse for not maintaining the vacuum toilet properly. It was warm along the street for a start but then the clouds came and it was trying to rain by the time we got back. I spent a while copying films off the hard drive onto CDs to give us the option of watching them on our bedroom TV, especially if we’re running low on power. Then I got busy sorting out some photos for a scrapbook for Wyn’s sister. Printing them was another story. The darned Epson printer software no longer has a setting for my favourite Epson photo paper.

The rain really set in in the afternoon so window cleaning was not an option. Wyn made a lovely tea – spag bol – and caught up on Coro Street.

Today (Wednesday) we move on south. We’re not sure how far; it all depends. We might only get as far as Palmerston North, and probably won’t go as far as Wellington. It’s not raining yet today but is overcast. Let’s hope it breaks up.

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