Moving on From Marton

Wednesday was moving-on day – time to hit the road. It was another damp morning. We got a warning about the tsunami warning from my son who wasn’t sure whether we’d be at a beach – thanks Michael for the quick thinking. We have been at lots of beaches that would not be the place to be if a tsunami hit including Taupo Bay up in Northland which has their tsunami drill on signs on every second post everywhere. We turned on the radio and listened to the news and the warnings which fortunately came to nothing in New Zealand. However, it is another valuable reminder and drill. In between showers I took advantage of a stepladder to clean the high windows. The inside has to be cleaned from outside because of the insect netting. It’s a bit of a mission and a bit of stuff had built up over winter – I guess we’re spring cleaning. Ian bought home some pies and apple shortcake for lunch for us all and we said our goodbyes. It was well after 2pm by the time we got all hitched up and headed out. We went back to Feilding to say goodbye to Wyn’s sister and to give her a photo album we’d started for her. I was keen on getting our tanks empty and full so we headed off in search of a dump station. There was one in the book at the Feilding sewage works which we eventually found. It was all very unofficial looking by the guy I asked was very helpful. We got rid of our grey waste and filled up with water. With the pressure they had it didn’t take long. Wyn was a bit concerned at the sign above the tap that said “Danger This water is not for drinking” but I reassured her that the guy had assured me it was no longer bore water and was now proper town supply.

All that took a while and it was nearer to 5pm by the time we were ready to move on. We hadn’t decided where we were going to so that seemed a good discussion to have. We settled on a parkover place at Levin as a halfway point to Wellington. We headed back out to SH1 and Sanson and then south through more rain. The paddocks beside the road looked drenched; there were big puddles everywhere. We made phone contact with the owner of the parkover place who wasn’t home but said it’d be fine to stay there. So we did. It was a nice quiet back section away from the main road. We were soon settled in for the night.

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