Relaxing in Rangiora

Tuesday was another lovely day in Christchurch. Our carpark at the RSA in Papanui turned out to be a bit noisy, with some sort of noisy roadworks starting up fairly early on. We took the car up to Rangiora to visit my brother and sister-in-law. Brian made some yummy pizzas for lunch – I can see I’m going to have to sharpen up and learn about making my own bases. It was nice and sunny on their deck and a nice relaxing catch-up. On our way back we called in at the Styx transfer station to get rid of our rubbish that had built up over the weekend – as well as recycle what we could. Only to find that it was closed – at 4.30pm!

I always remember Arlo Guthrie singing in “Alice’s Restaurant” “whoever heard of a dump closed on Thanksgiving?”. I remembered that when we discovered the Dunedin transfer station closed last summer on Sundays – whoever heard of a dump closed on Sundays? Now it’s “whoever heard of a dump closed at 4.30pm?” What is it with local authorities? They want us to do the right thing with our rubbish, but keep making it harder than it need be. As visitors we wanted to do it right, but will end up sticking it into bins up the street like many others seem to do. Getting rid of rubbish properly is often not easy for us gypsies.

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