Central Otago Again

Last Friday (7 November) we finally left Dunedin and headed south and west to Central. It was a lovely afternoon. We started to digest our three weeks in Dunedin, catching up with family and friends and farewelling a friend as well. We didn’t stop until Roxburgh – time for an icecream and a wander around the town and to enjoy the warmth. Coming over the hill into Alexandra in the evening was a sight to warm the heart. The sun was shining. There was snow on the tops. There is a purple tinge to the hills that is thyme. Central Otago was welcoming us back. We drove on to Clyde and across the river and up past the dam to the end of the road. There weren’t any other motorhomes around but we felt safe enough and it is a lovely spot so we settled there for the night – albeit ready to move if we had to. It was lovely to wake up in the morning beside the water with the sun shining. Wyn went for a walk back to Clyde and we passed a pleasant morning relaxing. In the middle of the day we moved to Val’s POP at Earnscleugh. There are already a number of motorhomes there – some working nearby and others just passing through.

It was a warm day and Wyn was keen to get our bikes going so it was time to dig out the sunscreen – it’s that time already 🙂 We biked into Clyde along the Millenium Track beside the Clutha River which gave us some shade from the sun. Saturday is BBQ night at Val’s for all the motorhomes – always a chance to meet the neighbours (motorhomers).

Yesterday was washing morning with the old agitator/wringer machine. The sun was shining and the washing was soon dry. Later I washed the car and one side of Suzi – some roadworks on the way had made a mess of things. Meanwhile Wyn tackled the vinyl floor in Suzi. Maybe the cleaning is a spring thing? The afternoon breeze dropped off by 5pm and the temperature climbed to 25 degrees in the shade and we decided it was time for another bike ride. So we took the river track back to Clyde again – at least that provides some good shade. At Clyde it was icecreams under a tree for shade and then back to Earnscleugh again – whizzing along beside the river through fields of thyme. Ahhhhh………


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