Doodling Around in Dunners

We’re still in Dunedin – more or less. Well we were when I started this but now we’re not. Our days in Dunedin were all a bit hectic. That Wednesday we took a drive down to Port Chalmers – Wyn was visiting her new tax woman in my old street in Roseneath. It was funny (peculiar) being back there; playing Spot the Changes. It was a lovely morning so we went on to Port Chalmers and stopped for a coffee and chatted with a couple of people I knew.
Thursday and Friday we got poked and prodded in several parts of our bodies – getting ourselves checked out and fixed up. It was good to get the time to get a few things seen to. I finally got a few things onto Trademe to sell – about 8 in total. It all takes time – particularly to get good photos.
Friday was bombshell day. We learned late in the day that a friend of ours – David Peacock – had died suddenly that morning while out bike riding at Lake Hawea. I’d been looking forward to catching up with him and then it was too late.
Saturday passed in a state of disbelief and shock. It helped spending some time in the evening at their place with Pam and the girls and a gathering of their friends. We called by next morning as we moved ourselves from Wingatui to the Leith Valley Holiday Park. They had David home by then so we were able to say some goodbyes.
I’d managed to sell all my Trademe stuff and lunch with my kids got interupted a few times with people picking things up. Later a couple of Wyn’s friends called round and then there was more people to meet to pick up stuff. Trademe can be a bit of work.
Monday was a busy day around town and then out for tea with friends. Tuesday was warrant day for the car (2 new tyres and new brake rotors whatever they are for) and a visit to Dunedin Motorhomes to get a clothes drying rack fitted on the outside of Suzi. Plus Wyn has a lunch date and then an appointment and then a friend of mine came to visit. Plus we were sorting through the stuff we’d temporarily stored in a storage place nearby. We kept paying for an extra day.
Wednesday was funeral day for David – and it was a good send-off. He was a unique person who did a lot and who knew a lot about a lot. It’s always a bit annoying to learn things about someone at their funeral that you wish you’d known before. David’s daughters read out a couple of him poems – I wish I’d known he was a poet. Later there was a pot-luck tea round at the Peacocks with fireworks. David was a terror with fireworks and it was a good way to farewell him one day before Guy Fawkes.
Thursday was the day we had to clear out our storage locker and get everything back under the house. The pile is defintely smaller and lighter but there remains work to be done. Wyn sorted things out with the tennants and we had lunch dates and it was starting to look like we were nearly ready. We got the locker empty between showers of rain.
Friday we checked out of the camping ground and dropped the last few things off under the house. We left Suzi with Dunedin Motorhomes to have a go securing the clothes rack a bit better and made one last visit. Friday was a lovely day for leaving town and finally, at about 2.30pm, we did just that. We hadn’t gotten everything done that we’d wanted but almost. It has been a busy three weeks.

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