Dismal Day for the Dentist

Monday was Dentist Day – that is I had arranged to take my teeth to the dentist. So I did. It was a cold overcast day – chilling. I had been thinking of putting my jersey away for the summer but luckily hadn’t – it was my first choice to wear. When I got to the dentist’s rooms I overheard them discussing whether to put the heater on. She is a nice efficient dentist but has the job of doing things to my teeth and I’d rather be somewhere else. She managed to figure out which tooth was in trouble and drilled it out to see what was going on. I’ll spare you the details but eventually she filled it back up and it is a case of wait and see. If what she did works then she’ll have a go at a root filling. Otherwise the tooth is for the chop. Except it looks like it’ll need a crowbar so there is no wild enthusiasm for that.

I retreated home with the morning paper and some cinnamon buns from the supermarket and spent the rest of the morning digesting the sports results and any other interesting news. Worn out with all that I had an afternoon nap and Wyn went for a walk towards Lowburn. After tea we went for a walk together around the new houses over in the new part of Pisa Moorings, checking on progress. The day had never really warmed up but the evening looked more promising.

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