We Move Our Home

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a much nicer day. The sun came out again and it warmed up nicely. And it was calm – particularly in the morning. A calm Lake Dunstan is a thing of beauty. After three weeks or so it is not a view we are very familiar with. Wind seems to be a fairly constant companion in these parts. In fact the paper that day carried the story of the campervan that had blown into the lake at Lowburn the previous Friday – the really windy day. In any case, it was time for us to move on. We need to get back to Earnscleugh to check out job prospects and two of my children are coming up for a long weekend this weekend. But first there was time for a visit to Wyn’s son near Wanaka. We spent the morning packing up and sorting out and mucking round. We left the car around at Pisa Moorings and headed off to Wanaka with just Suzi. She seemed to have a bit more zip without the 1.2 tonnes dragging along behind.

Wanaka appears to have an acute shortage of dump stations for motorhome waste, so we were pleased to find we could use the one at the camp at Luggate. Then we figured out that we needed to fill up the diesel tank – we were down to the mark where the diesel heating mightn’t work. There was a Shell truckstop in the industrial area which is quite a busy little place. Finally we were full and empty of everything we needed to be full and empty of so we headed off to Wyn’s son’s place. By this stage it was too hot to sit out in the sun. We passed a pleasant afternoon and evening catching up. From the weather pictures on TV it looks like we had the best of it.

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