Starting Work – Sort Of

Yesterday (Thursday) we were up bright and early to start work in the packhouse at 8am. Luckily Wyn was going well. I wasn’t feeling too bright – I was still feeling the effects of the tooth extraction battle. Or more likely feeling the effects of the stuff I’m taking to not feel the effects. Anyway, lunches made and all ready for anything, we headed off along the road to the packhouse. The thing was that there wasn’t a lot happening there, the darn fruit is not ripening very quickly. So the packhouse wasn’t starting until 10am, so we wandered back up the road to Suzi to relax for a couple of hours.

We were back at 10am and started on the end of the cherry sorting line. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. We sorted cherries for a couple of hours and then it was time for lunch out in the sun. After lunch we sorted more cherries. We’re starting to get the hang of it but are not very quick – yet. The woman next to Wyn was going at more than twice our rate. Time seemed to pass quickly enough and then by 2.30pm we ran out of cherries and that was it for the day. In fact it was decided that there’d be no point coming in Friday (today) either. And for that matter, we might as well start late again on Saturday. Hopefully things will be in full swing by then and it’ll be full-on until Christmas Eve. Either that or if it rains today it mightn’t. Who’d ever want to be a horticulturalist?

We were home early and had a catchup with my cousin-in-law who I’d spotted in the morning – David works at scaring the birds. We’d not seen each other for about 8 years so it was great catching up.  Later we went for a walk up the road and then it was time for tea and TV – Men (and Women) Behaving Badly aka Coro Street.

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2 Responses to Starting Work – Sort Of

  1. Peter McKellar says:

    Hey Ross, I was just checking the blog to see where you were as we are planning to be in Northland next month but I see you are well and truly moved on now. Maybe next winter. Remember that Helen is in Alex in Ventry St if you are going that way. I am sure she would like to see you.

  2. Peter McKellar says:

    By the way, a very mery Christmas and all the best for the New Year

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