Preparing For the Packhouse

Today (Wednesday) has been a relaxed day getting stuff done before we start in the packhouse. My ex-tooth seems to be settling down nicely – touch wood. Wyn and Suzanne decided to tackle the walk to Cromwell. I got things packed up and sorted out. Once they let us know they were in Cromwell, Les and I headed off to Cromwell in our respective motorhomes for a coffee with the other two. Afterwards we managed to get some more shopping and posting done and then some dumping and supermarket shopping. We’re not sure when we’ll next get to a supermarket – we’ll probably stay put until the weekend anyway. We finally headed away from Cromwell at about 4.30pm – Wyn driving again. It’s been good for her to get some more practice and keep her hand in. We pulled up at the parking area at the packhouse in Earnscleugh and made ourselves at home. We established that we have a good satellite signal for the TV but it looks like 2 Degrees is struggling for mobile signal. Telecom is doing better here for phone signal and the modem works OK on the wrong side of Suzi. It’s hard to find the perfect work-site. Wyn baked a cake and I BBQed some nice chops for tea. Wyn spent the evening searching out Dunedin tree surgeons on the internet and I decided it was blog-catching-up time. And I did.

It’s now slightly into tomorrow (Thursday) but I’m up-to-date. We’re well advanced with Christmas shopping and we’re not sure whether we’ll have any days off now until Christmas Day. We’re a bit apprehensive as we contemplate starting new jobs tomorrow morning. We never know what we’re getting in for – which has mostly been fortunate so far.

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