Goodbye Tooth and Hello Cat

Yesterday (Tuesday) we woke to an even bigger sprinkling of snow on the tops around Alexandra. We made another push on Christmas shopping. We almost bought a new BBQ for ourselves until we worked out that it wouldn’t connect to our gas bottle and the necessary adaptors would cost about $70. We took that as a sign to persist with our old BBQ and gas bottle. We headed out to our orchard/pack house in Earnscleugh and it was decided we’d start on Thursday. We checked out the parking area and found that most of the facilities were a work-in-progress. However we don’t really need much and it’ll mean we can walk to work. We’ll try it out this week and see about next week once we get our car back.

I had a date with my dentist in Cromwell. It was make or break time for one of my back teeth and I decided it was past its economic life. It turned out to be the tooth from hell. It didn’t want to come out. Much manhandling and mangling later it finally parted company with my poor jaw. It seemed the darn thing had attached itself to my jaw bone. Plus the roots went down to about my shoulder! I’m not sure who was happier when it finally come out – me or the dentist or her assistant.

We were heading for a night by Lake Dunstan but first called round to my sister’s place at Pisa Moorings to sort out some Christmas things. I was feeling a bit worse for wear so we didn’t stay long. Wyn was doing the driving and soon had us down beside the lake – near the friends we’d caught up with the previous week. After we stopped we heard what sounded like a cat meowing. We wondered if my sister’s cat was inside somewhere except we had only opened the cab when we were leaving. Still it did sound like a cat somewhere. I headed outside and spotted her cat about 10 metres away from Suzi and already heading off in the direction of home a couple of kilometers north. I managed to coax her to me – she seemed reluctant. We concluded that she’d traveled along the road underneath Suzi, maybe perched on one of the tanks? We got her inside and I rang Alaine and we decided it’d be easiest if she came over to collect her in her car. She’d seen her cat underneath Suzi as we were leaving but had assumed she’d have run away once the truck started up. Instead she stowed away underneath somewhere. Thank goodness we only went a few kilometers along the road and didn’t stop until we parked up. And thank goodness that wherever she was she managed to stay there at 80 kmph along the road and over all the bumps down the track to the lake. She’s a lucky cat.

I was feeling worse for wear by this stage so we had a very quiet evening.

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