Wanaka Wanderings

We drove on up to Wyn’s son’s place overlooking the Wanaka basin on Thursday 10th December. It was a fabulous day with fabulous views around the mountains. We enjoyed a few beers in the sun and had a BBQ tea. Later we went for a walk down by the lake on a lovely calm warm evening. Everyone was out enjoying it by the looks. There were more stones to be skipped and by the end my tennis elbow was back. Ho hummm…

Friday was cloudy and NW winds with rain already in the mountains. Early in the afternoon we headed off mountain biking in the Sticky Forest (cool name eh?) near Wanaka. With only three bikes Wyn volunteered for a walk. I struggled with some of the tracks but got there in the end. It started to rain just as we got back to the car although it didn’t come to much. We headed back via the supermarket for another mid-afternoon lunch. Wyn made some of her lovely lasagne for tea and it was raining by nightfall.

Saturday was a lazy day, lazy and windy. After lunch most of us went off for a game of frisbee golf. We couldn’t find the course so resolved to make up our own. We hadn’t gone far when we ran into the two guys who had invented the course a few years ago. They offered to show us around. After a dozen protestations that we’d hold them up we agreed. It was a good thing because the course is not exactly obvious. We were a bit embarrassed with our $3 frisbees from Mitre10. They’d hurl off their special frisbee golf frisbees and we’d take about three throws to catch up with their first one. But they were very good and persisted with us. That night we ended up watching a surfing movie on Sky – more of a documentary I guess – a good one.

Sunday 13th was cold. There was a cold wind and a sprinkling of new snow on the tops. We went down to the Wanaka market – almost entirely a craft market which was handy for Christmas shopping. After a wander around the Wanaka shops we haeded back for our late lunch – a bit of a habit these days. After tea I was trying out movies on CDs and we ended up watching Children of Men – a powerful movie set in 2027 in an infertile world. It was a bit spooky given the news a couple of weeks back about the alarming drop in the fertility of NZ men.

Monday morning and time for moving on. We loaned our car to Wyn’s visiting son and headed off ourselves back to Alexandra. There was an appointment that didn’t work out and we parked up down by the river for lunch. We kept meaning to get back to the shops but never quite got going. We finally moved off and parked up at a parkover place along by the swimming pool. There were threats of rain and hail and by the end of the day the temperature had dropped dramatically. Entertainment for the evening was watching last Thursday’s recorded Coronation Street. Are we getting sad?

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3 Responses to Wanaka Wanderings

  1. Suzanne and Les says:

    Well the bad news Ross is that Les reckons you are getting sad … the good news is I dont think so LOL. There is talk around that Coro Street is getting more of a younger au

  2. Suzanne and Les says:

    ummm I think I pushed a wrong button duh!! I meant to say the program is getting more of a younger audience if that makes you feel better Ross 🙂

  3. Ross says:

    That must be why I’m finding it riveting 🙂

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