Another Week of Work

The week from Monday 18th was a week of work – full days of 8 or more hours. Monday was mail day – always fun to get a few weeks mail in one hit. Tuesday was warm and humid – it was 16 degrees outside when we got up before 7am. Wednesday was the same, with a bit of rain. That evening we went out for tea with Laura to celebrate her exam results – her first year of NCEA. It was a lovely evening and we had the Fat Badger place to ourselves – sitting outside to enjoy the weather. Thursday was even warmer – 17 degrees outside at 7am – and sunny with it. Friday was catch-up day – we had two episodes of Coronation Street recorded to watch – it’s very dramatic at the moment. Saturday was a cloudy morning but you could tell that the day was going to clear. We were both working but it looked during the morning that I mightn’t be missed too much in the afternoon so I asked for the afternoon off. By then it was lovely and sunny and it was a chance for a bit of time with Laura before she went home.

First there was a load of washing to get done, and then we loaded the bikes onto the car and headed off via Alexandra to get rid of our recycling. It’s always surprising how much recycling stuff builds up so quickly and it’s not always very easy to get rid of it on the road – especially when we’re working. We then headed to Clyde and rode down the River Track 3kms to the turn-off to the Packhouse Cafe. I explained to Laura that she could ride up the hill track from there and then watched as she managed it easily – she had to wait for me at the top. It was a gorgeous afternoon and we enjoyed ginger beers in the shade at the cafe. Eventually we retraced our steps and headed back to Suzi for tea. It was a great way to conclude Laura’s couple of weeks with us – the ride along the river is a great track and the weather was as good as it gets.

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  1. Marge says:

    We are in Cromwell just wondering where you are camped as we could catch up if you are free this weekend.

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