Our Day Off

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and luckily it was a day off for us on the 24th. We were up early anyway; Laura had to be at her bus by 9am. She was all packed up and ready to go and we made it with plenty of time. It was a cold morning, making the previous afternoon all the more precious. Her Mum was on the bus when it arrived; returning to Dunedin as well. We said goodbye and then she was gone. We retired to the cafe across the road for a coffee before heading back home to Suzi. Wyn made some muffins; blueberry and apricot. I did a bit of tidying up. It rained through the morning but then started to clear and it turned out a nice day. Early afternoon Wyn’s son and his partner and her grand-daughter arrived for a visit – and muffins. Mid-afternoon Wyn and I went off to the Alex pool with her granddaughter and luckily it wasn’t too crowded or hectic. We headed back to the orchard and afternoon tea and then our visitors headed off and we relaxed/blobbed out for the rest of the day.

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