Christmas Day on the Road

We woke to a fine day near Wanaka at Wyn’s son’s place. It was windy and warm enough. There were presents to open and pancakes to eat. All too soon it was time to pack up and head off in Suzi. We were on the road just after midday – wondering how many others would be doing the same thing. Traffic was light as most people settled down to Christmas dinner. Without the car and with a strong tail wind we zoomed along. Wyn drove the first bit to Alexandra – giving me a chance to catch up with a few texts and phone calls. As a got closer to the coast the weather the sky got bluer and the day warmer. The Lawrence ice cream shop was closed – to my consternation. So we stopped at Milton and noticed there a shop verandah thermometer proclaiming 30 degrees. It was definitely warmer.

It wasn’t long before we were at the Leith Valley Holiday Park and my three children arrived. We took refuge in the shade of a tree. There were more presents and things to try out. Andrew’s bubble wand kept us amused the longest. Then it was time for a BBQ tea and a game of cards and a relaxed end to a lovely day.

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