Dunedin Days

Boxing Day in Dunedin was greyer and cooler – it was always going to be after the day before. Wyn did some washing and I went off on my bike in search of cream for the trifle. Laura had stayed the night and Michael and Andrew came round for lunch. Michael bought the ham and we had new spuds and veges. Then it was time for ping-pong and pool and dishes and finally trifle. It was Boxing Day which spells Boxing Day Sales and the paper was full of them. Plus we needed more bubbles. Eventually the boys went shopping, Wyn went visiting down the road and Laura stayed in Suzi to read. We gravitated to Harvey Normans who had the biggest ad and the hugest crowd. We got into the store to be greeted by the biggest queue we’d seen for a while. It was nuts. We walked straight back out again and left them to it. The boys dropped me back at the camp and headed home. Laura’s boyfriend came round for tea which was pizzas and later we watched The Castle on TV. It’s a lovely movie but it seemed to have lost a little of its charm with the passing of the years.

The next morning was a bit of a bustle, sorting ourselves out and packing up. We did well to clear the camp by 11am – a record for us for leaving there. We dropped Laura home to Opoho and got to see her painting chosen for the front cover of her school year book. Like an artist she was critical of her work. Like a Dad I was proud and pleased. We stopped off at Wyn’s house around the corner. The tenants were not home but we were able to leave a few things behind under the house. There were a few weeds in the garden that we started to pull. While doing this Wyn managed to trip herself up and landed heavily on the concrete path. She was shaken and stirred and we decided a visit to the after-hours doctors was warranted. There was a long wait there so I dashed off to get some battery water and a toaster and fuel. The conclusion was that Wyn hadn’t broken anything but she was sore and tired.

We drove down the road to the dump station at the BP truck stop going south and pulled over there for a cup of tea and some lunch. It was about 4pm by the time we finally headed off back to Central. With a tail wind again we zoomed along and had a quick trip back to Earnscleugh, stopping for new spuds at Ettrick and real fruit ice creams at Roxburgh. We parked up at the orchard and were able to connect to power. With the loss of our solar power station we need the umbilical power cord for now.

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