Some More Work

We had a 10am start on Monday 28th – which suited us fine. We were in no hurry to start. We worked sorting and packing cherries as well as a few apricots. It was a warm day and after we’d finished we sat out in the sun and relaxed. It’d been a busy few days over Christmas and we needed some time out.

We worked a full day on Tuesday which was unusual. The fruit has not been coming on as it usually does so it’s all been a bit stop-start. It was a hot day, towards 30 degrees. After work we went to the Alexandra swimming pool which is a good place with warm pools for sitting around in and a nice hot spa pool. The showers were cold which was a bit of a bummer. We were back home in time for Coronation Street.

Wednesday was a late start again and colder. After work Wyn headed in to Alex to catch up with a friend – which turned into tea – which turned into a late evening.

Thursday was more work – not too much – with a finish by 4pm. Wyn headed back to Suzi for a snooze while I stayed for happy hour at the packhouse – it was New Year’s Eve after all.

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