The Start of the Very Warm Weather

Friday 29th January was the start of a great run of fine warm weather. It was 12 degrees early on, a sunny clear calm morning. Wyn had a perfect day at Wanaka, with a birthday party in the middle of the day including a water slide. Later they went swimming in Lake Wanaka; not a quick dip but a prolonged swim. It was that sort of day. The maximum for the country was 32 degrees at Alexandra, but Wanaka wasn’t far behind. I had a hot day at work. At lunch time I had a call from Michael – Telecom had finally got their XT network going; what a disaster for confidence. Wyn decided to stay on at Wanaka – it had been a hot and tiring day. I had a beer after work and uploaded 6 more albums to my iPod. I also had a Top Gear festival, watching 4 episodes from Season 11 whenever that was. Not having had access to Prime back in those days it was all new to me. At midnight it was still 18 degrees outside.

Saturday morning was another calm sunny one. Wyn zoomed back from Wanaka to start work at 8am. Friends from work came round after work to show us photos of their new motorhome as it is being built – also by Trail-lite. It is an exciting time for them that we can well remember ourselves. They’d just left when another couple of friends turned up in their motorhome for a visit. We’d last seen them at the pack-house at Katikati so tea was delayed that night. It was great to catch up.

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