It’s An Ill Wind …

Sunday 31 January was our day off. Working six days a week is a bit weird. Saturday feels like a Friday. Sunday seems like a Saturday. Then Monday still feels like Monday and you are left feeling you’ve missed a day somewhere. Saturday had been windy – fine but windy. We’d left the windows open for some ventilation and found when we got back that there was fine dust on most of the surfaces inside. After a late breakfast on Sunday I made a start on wiping the dust off. This soon evolved into a general spring clean; albeit in late January. Wyn started on the bathroom and we worked our way through Suzi. We wiped and we dusted and we washed and we cleaned and we vacuumed and we swept. In the end the dust was gone and Suzi gleamed. It was a hot afternoon and we ended up later in the afternoon at the Orchard Garden café near Clyde. It was a lovely location and the coffee was the best I can remember. We enjoyed a quiet walk in the garden at the end of a productive day. As my old father used to say; “It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good”.

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