A Week of Hot

Monday 1 February did indeed seem like Monday; one day off passes very quickly. It was another fine and hot day. We’d start the day warmly dressed; on Monday I even had my beanie on for a start. Then it got warmed and warmer until by the afternoon it was just hot. By 5pm the temperature was into the low 30s. Wyn came up with the idea of a BBQ tea by Lake Dunstan so we did a quick pack up into the car and drove up to the lake by the dam on the far side from Clyde. A number of others had the same idea. We found some shade to park in and were soon in the water. It was calm and not cold. Last summer we’d managed a couple of dips in the lake and they really were dips; quickly in and quicker out. This time we swam around for quite a while, enjoying the cooling of the water. Then we just sat immersed in the water for a while before finally emerging. With no wind it was lovely and warm and we found some shade to set up the BBQ and our chairs and enjoy the evening. It wasn’t until the sun went behind the hill that we finally packed up and headed back to the orchard.

Tuesday was more of the same. Except Monday was the last day for cherries so by Tuesday Wyn also was packing apricots all day. Again it was cool in the morning and hot by the afternoon. And after Monday each day got windy in the afternoon. We were lucky to make the most of Monday evening.

Wednesday was another lovely day; calm and sunny in the morning and hot and windy in the afternoon. Each day of the week ended with a maximum temperature near or over 30 degrees. The orchard cherry party was on for Friday; celebrating the end of the cherry season. So Wednesday after work we had a look around in Alexandra to see if we could find things for costumes. The party had a theme of ‘Saints and Sinners’ and we thought we’d be one of each. Wyn found some great shiny black high heel shoes to set off her outfit; you might guess she wasn’t going to be a saint.

Thursday was another fine hot day. By the end of the day we’d started on packing nectarines; my favourite fruit. Another day with the temperature into the low 30s. We’re expecting it now after a week of it.

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