Pollard Park and Whites Bay

Wednesday 31 March was another lovely morning. The racecourse backs on to the golf course which fronts on to Pollard Park – Blenheim’s botanical gardens. We had a lovely walk around the golf course and through the gardens. The flowers were in full flower and everything was a picture. Reluctantly we headed back to Suzi to get on with the day. We intended heading out to Whites Bay that evening, thinking we might need to beat the rush for spots for Easter. We moved Suzi over to near the entrance to the racecourse and headed back to the motels for more work on the accounts – setting up the chart of accounts which was interesting.

'Gypsy Moth' Rose at Pollard Park

'Gypsy Moth' Rose at Pollard Park

Pollard Park Blenheim

Pollard Park Blenheim

By the end of the day we couldn’t be bothered heading away so we camped where we had parked. We were up reasonably early Thursday morning and breakfasted, topped up with water and made a visit to the dump station. We headed out to Whites Bay, driving the car and Suzi separately. The bridge out of Blenheim worked out well this time – I was ready to give way to trucks. There weren’t any but there was a car with a wide trailer that I waited for. Then a car stopped at the other end and he flashed his lights which I know now is the local signal to indicate that he is giving way to me. So I zoomed across and all was well. The drive over the hill to Whites Bay seemed easier this time as well; we must be getting used to it.

There were hardly any campers there; we’d thought early-birds would be getting the good spots. After much thinking we decided to camp a bit further back from the beach; hoping to miss some of the action. We had to weigh up where the sun came up, where it went in the afternoon, the slope of the ground, how far we’d be from the toilets and how far to the beach. Once we’d settled on our spot and set up Suzi, we drove back to Blenheim in the car and spent the afternoon on the accounts and shopping for supplies. It was great to be able to retreat to Whites Bay at the end of the day.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Love the photos’ of the rose,gardens and previous ones – we really enjoyed our last adventure around the Marlborough area:-) As usual Ross and Wyn your story telling had us smiling and laughing out loud – especially about the bridge – oh the comments that have been uttered by Les regarding that bridge would make a nun blush 😉 Our house plans are coming along – will email a picture as soon as we stop changing it!! Just 8 more days before my plaster comes off … yippeee!!!!! Take care xx

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