Flashback to April


Meanwhile, back in Blenheim in April… We were parked up at the Racecourse and Laura had flown back home. We started helping with some admin work at the motels. No sooner had we started than we had a day off for my birthday. It’s cool getting the day off for your birthday and easy to arrange when you’re hardly working anyway. I got a cup of tea in bed – what a lovely luxury. Then there was a champagne breakfast with pancakes and fresh fruit salad and syrup …. Plus presents.

Wyn in Suzi's kitchen

Wyn was a blur as she whizzed around the kitchen

Wyn bought me a new tripod – something that weighted more than 5 feathers. I’d done OK with my lightweight travel one but sometimes the occasion deserves something a bit more substantial. And taller. I tried it out while Wyn was making breakfast. We had a lovely relaxing day and concluded it with a memorable birthday tea at Wendy and John’s. Getting older aint all bad.

The next few days I was busy getting photos of the motel units. The new tripod came in very handy right from the start. Wyn got her bike cleaned up and out for a spin one afternoon. We moved to Rita’s POP after wearing out our welcome at the Racecourse. The weather was good with calm clear mornings and good days. It’s a nice time of year in Blenheim. So passed an April week in Blenheim.

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