Hanging Around Christchurch

It’s Tuesday and slightly sunny and slightly warm in Christchurch. We finally reached Christchurch on Sunday, via Rangiora and a visit to Brian and Judy – my brother and sister-in-law. We headed on to the Woolston Club car park and parked up here with the other gypsies. Sunday was a bleak afternoon so we visited Sumner which was also bleak. Yesterday morning was bleak and we headed off to take the car to an engineering place. They were going to straighten out the towing lugs/brackets, which they did.

We went shopping at Tower Junction and brought remarkably little. The news on the car wasn’t wonderful – we’ll have to drive it to south separately and get more repairs later. We went into town and I visited the exhibition of photos from the early Antartic expeditions while Wyn had a walk in the gardens. The photos were on show for the only time outside Britain so it was a wonderful opportunity. The men on those expeditions must have been special. The photographers must have been extraordinary. As we were about to drive away friends from Dunedin walked in front of us so we stopped for a coffee and a catchup at the YWCA. It was chips and crumbed hoki for tea from takeaways round in Woolston – very good. Then it was off in the rain to catch up with Grant and Annette in the evening. It was a bleak night. Did I mention the weather?

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