Safe and Sound South

Woops. We hadn’t updated our blog to say we’d moved south from Christchurch. We were at Taieri Mouth south of Dunedin when the earthquake shook Christchurch on Saturday morning. We must have been some of the few in the South Island who hardly even felt it – living in a sprung motorhome. We were pleased to not be in Christchurch and are now wondering how friends and family in Christchurch have fared. We were at a motorhome rally at Taieri Mouth and Wyn had no mobile coverage and mine was minimal so we’re just catching up with the world.

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2 Responses to Safe and Sound South

  1. Louise says:

    Was wondering where you two were. You came to mind on Saturday but I couldn’t find you. Must have been no cellphone coverage. Hope you are both well and may catch up while your down here. xxxx Louise

    • Wyn says:

      Hi Louise
      we are both well thanks. Been out at Wingatui for last few days but will txt you and arrange to catch up when we are spending a few days in town. Be lovely to see you. Wyn xxxx

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