Walk in Wither Hills

Woke up to a sunny morning and decided that seeing as my legs still worked after a Zumba class last night, I would look up Wither Hills map and find a new ridge to walk up. Got a bit of time on my hands, as Ross working on Motel website, so seems a good idea to try and gain some fitness. Reservoir Ridge started off rather steeply but the views were rewarding. Up I walked for 30 minutes only to find the track I wanted to come down on, had a bulldozer repairing the track. Well that track wasn’t a happening thing, so I retraced my footsteps back down again. I was happy. Its lovely up in them Wither Hills. A great asset for Blenheim which are well used for walking/jogging and mountainbiking.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Glad to read that you are walking again Wyn – your back must be a wee bit better 🙂 Lots of walks around Tauranga region that I want to try out on a regular basis!!
    Zumba classes sound like fun 🙂

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